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The Northlake, Blue Moon, Vito’s, College Inn Pub: Tough times for legacies

Pacific NW Magazine (Seattle Times)

March 17, 2023 at 7:00 am


Seattle Times staff reporter

(For the record, the Pub is the bright spot in the story -- but you have to get to the end.)

Caption: Jen Gonyer, co-owner of the College Inn Pub, is a longtime customer of the U District bar, and would hang out at this pool table in her early 20s. Gonyer says the low ceilings created an especially smoky environment back in the day. “If you were never a smoker, you left a smoker.” (Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)

(We acknowledge this photo is the property of the Seattle Times and was taken by the extremely kind and extremely talented Ken Lambert. We just need to borrow it to have an image with the story link. Thank you for not suing us!)

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